In the Tokyo rocal

The town where I was born was everything
for myself.

I always go through the road in the town.
Suddenly I felt that I would like to go
further on the road

As you become close to an adult,
The view of your thought gets narrow but your desire of seeing the world becomes bigger.

After I became 17 years old, I started to have a desire to see more about the world

"how many times I travelled"

The number of times is not important.If there is something I don't know, I will leave that town

"But I know I like my town the most".

Feelings that I would like to see again and again.

the town is very lonely,
beautify or exciting,
I will go to the town
No matter how traquil, beautiful, exciting places I go,
I will go back to my town

We often hear the phrase
“ Fun time ends instantly. How ruthless it is.

More I think, I try to look for the real meaning

How I spend now is important."

We think every day but cannot find the answer

"It is OK".
"Keeping thinking is the answer"

"Teach me a lot of fun stuff."
"Let's enjoy this trip together."