walk slowly in center of Japan

In the early summer morning of the second day,
we take a walk through central Tokyo.
Oh look at that! There is a surprising number of business men and women crowded on the train!
“Are those buildings made of wood and paper?” asked with curiosity.
Tokyo city is surrounded by interesting things.

Tokyo station was rebuilt recently.
It was reconstructed with the same design from the old days.

The traditional European style Tokyo station is surrounded by several modern skyscrapers.
My girlfriend's hometown in London also shares the same architecture

“Hey, if Buckingham Palace locates the center of England,what is there in the center of Japan"

I haven't done any research in adavce
so I couldn't answer easily.
I just followed what my guide book says.

What is this building?”
she was taking photos with curiosity
She is always full of curiosity and troting

“How beautiful sky!”

We can feel brisk wind and the smell of summer
We are amazed because of complete change of the view
compared with the area around the Tokyo station

"Let's go over there. The view must be very nice."

"About 400 years ago, people never thought that Tokyo would become like this"
We could see the view like Manhattan in NYC
from the remain of Edo castle.

After left the Edo castle remain,
I started to walk toward the imperial palace.
Walking along moat, I can see various sites about Japanese castle
which you cannot find any other countries.

At the pine tree avenue in from of the Imperial Palace.

"They are human-made but they look natural.
I don't know why but I feel so comfortable and calm.
When we are working in the office area ,
we feel that artificial nature is real nature without notice.

"Japan is very different from what I imagined.
Where in Japan shall we visit next?"
Can see from her satisfied smiling that she is not tired at all.
There are a lot more amazing places in this country.