Japan is not just one of
the Asian countries

Anyone who has visited Japan felt that Japan has mysterious landscape, products and , exciting places which he/she have never seen.
Although Japan is a small country in Asia, its culture is not similar to China, Korea or any of other countries.
We preserve this growing original culture(★).
In our history, Japan has been influenced by various countries so japanese culture is
combined with Japanese traditional cultures and you can find them on the street.


How do you enjoy your trip?

There are various types of trips. For example, you can ask tourist guides, or rent a car and drive as you would like to go.

Among those types of trips, the easiest way to travel is on foot. While you walk, you can drop in your favourite stores or eat in a restaurant. The type of your trip depends on your feeling on the way, doesn't it?

On our website, we provide opportunities that visiter of this website will feel like actually gointg to Japan.

keep them in your memory

There are lots of beautiful and incredible landscapes in Japan.
However, those landscapes may be seen only one certain time or may vanish soon. We have seen such things many times.

Let"s keep them in your memory with photograph or video.