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“Tsukiji” One of the largest fish markets
Tips to enjoy more in the area.

“Tsukiji market” is known as The Japanese Kitchen because it has seafood, fruit and vegetables. It has one of the largest seafood markets in the world. There are two areas in “Tsukiji”, one of which is open to the public. In the area open to the public, there are plenty of restaurants including sushi, ramen and curry restaurants.
Of course, it is enjoyable to take a walk in the “Tsukiji” area but you can also go to the huge Japanese park within 10 minutes on foot and to nice side street cafes where you can drink the best café lattes.

  • Tsukiji market Tsukiji Fish Market
    category:Fish market
  • Tsukiji Jogai Market Tsukiji Jogai Market
    category:Fish market
  • Hama Rikyu Hamarikyu Gardens
    category:Japanese Garden/Park
  • Kitsuneya Kitsuneya
    category:Fast foods
  • Turret Coffee Turret COFFEE