Tokyo Station Tokyo Station inside

Tokyo station

The station building constructed by one of the most famous Japanese architects.

Kingo tatsuno, who designed the Tokyo station,is the first person who named himself as 'architect'.He was involved in the projects to build National architectures such as Japan Central Bank and Tokyo station.He was influenced by Victorian Gossic and used the designs of red bricks with white stones making strapes for the Tokyo station. This is because he got an order from the Meiji emperor to construct an architecture which was better than western ones.Also, the Tokyo station locates on the straight line from the Imperial palace and the central ticket gate was used only for the sake of the emperor and his family before. At present, anybody can use the central ticket gate.

It was built approximately 100 years ago.
The world war Ⅱ and the Great East earthquake hit and broke the Tokyo station, Plans for rerconstruction came up many time. However, it was not carried out for a long time. In 2012,October, it was finally reconstructed because of strong public demands.


architect Kingo Tatsuno
established 1914
address 1-9-1 Marunouchi, Chiyodaku, Tokyo
access JR Yamanote-line,Keihin-Tohoku-line,Chūō-line,Tōkaido-line Tokyo-Station
TokyoMetro Marunouchi-line Tokyo-Station
TokyoMetro Chiyoda-line Nijūbashimae-Station(2 min walk)
open shop open 8.00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m.
closed Open 365 days a year
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