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"Nijyubashi" connecting with imperial palace.

The area around the imperial palace is very popular as a walking spot. Especially, the spot where you can see “Nijyo” bridge is popular.One of the reasons why it is popular is a balance of the view.
Although this bridge per se was built based on the western style architecture, Japanese traditional citadel merges perfectly. The harmony of both western and Japanese style creates even more beautiful landscape and it has become a popular photo-taking spot.

★One of the reasons of its popularity is the balance of the view.

The gate is not usually open.

Taking a look from the open space in front of imperial palace(“koukyomae hiroba”), You can fined two bridges. One is “seimon ishibashi” made of rock. The other one is “Seimon tsubashii” made of iron. “nijyoubashi” is another name of “seimon nishibashi”.The main gate is usually closed. However, when there are special rituals by the emperor's family, the gate opens.

At this gate, there are sentinels. If you go there at the certain time, you may be able to see the ritual of sentinels' relief.


architect Taminosuke Kume
established 1887
address 1-1 Chiyoda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
access TokyoMetro Chiyoda-line,hibiya-line,Toei Mita-line Hibiya-Station(1 min walk)
TokyoMetro Yurakucho-line Sakuradamon-station(8 min walk)
admission Free of charge
open 9:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
(until 17:00 from mid April through August; until 16:00 from November through February).
closed Mondays, Fridays
(open if the Monday or the Friday is a national holiday,except on the Emperor's Birthday 23 Dec.)
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