Tokyo Station: Renovation was completed in 2012.It has been remodeled to be an attractive place for adults.

Imperial palace and Marunouchi area (where Tokyo station is in the certer) locates in the very center of Tokyo.Imperial palace which used to be the “Edo” castle is a living place of emperor and his family. Some parts of the imperial palace are open to public.
In 1894, the “Marunouchi Area” history started with the establishment of the western architecture style in “Mitsubishi building No.1” as the first office in Japan. After that, it was developed as Japan’s largest financial area till 1990.
From 1997, the “Marunouchi Area” including Tokyo station was redeveloped. Now, you can find restaurants which serve food for the fastidious, clothes shops with the latest trends, and a unique variety of stores in the “New Marunouchi Area” . After seven o’clock in the evening , the area is full of business men and young people.

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