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Ginza Wako

Clock Tower which is even more beautiful than “Big Ben”

The first clock tower was demolished for rebuilding in 1920. The second clock tower (the current clock tower) was built in 1932. The reason why it took a long time to build the second one was due to the Great Kanto Earthquake. Fortunately, the clock tower did  not subsequently  become seriously damaged in WWII. In 1947, the “Wakou” store started a business in the clock tower building. In 2004, the clock was updated with a GPS system and the clock is now operating with very high precision (1/10000 minutes error in a week). The clock tower forms a keynote of the Renaissance resembling Greek sanctuaries and Rome's pantheon makes you feel a passage of time in Ginza.

Stores selling exquisite watches and decorations in the clock tower building.

“Wakou” only sells goods which they originally developed after listening to customers’ opinions and then selected through rigorous assessments. They have watches, and jewelry which attracts wealthy people from all over the world.