Kappa kawataro

Statue for prosperity of business.

This statue was made by a Japanese sculptor “Yuuichi Nishimura” and craftman “Shinichi Kitamura for the 90 years anniversary of “Kappaabashi” in 2003. They believed the hypothesis about Japanese monster “Kappa” and built this statue.Local people hope that this statue will become a symbol for the prosperity of your business.


sculptor Yuichi Nishimura/Shinichi Kitamura
established 2003年
address 2-25-9 Matsugaya Taitoku Tokyo
access TokyoMetro Ginza-line Taharacho-Station(5 min walk)
TokyoMetro Hibiya-line Iriya-Station(5 min walk)
Toei-Asakusa-line Asakusa-Station(5 min walk)