1  The world can be devided to two.

Artificial and natural things
In Japan , these two conflicting things are harmonized.

Japan is an island country. 70% of the Japan consists of mountain. We have four beautiful seasons through a year.

We live with varied nature. Because we have not had a lot of influences from abroad. we have got along with the nature. Japanese design contains the east oriental beauty made in such environment.

2  Incomplete design

When you finish making things, it means completion. After the completion, collase always comes.
“Incomplete design” has two main meanings.

1. Because it is unfinished, we wish the eternity.

2. As time goes by, its form changes and you can find the beauty inside.

It may be a little difficult but the Japanese design which considers time elaspe and makes people enjoyable.

3  Existence of “Space”

“Simple” has slightly a different nuance.

“Simple” in Japan means to make the most of specific characteristics of materials and to make them ingenuine forms or spaces.

“Chaya”, “Ikebana” and “Teien” which are typical examples of Japanese unique culture also use the “Space”.

The difference from western modernism and “simple” may be the way of using the “Space”

4  Intention of maker

People who have created the present Japan.
City planner,s architects, designers. Japanese design could not be created like this without them.

Designers consider about their designs from aspects of not only superficial appearance but also functional beauty.In those designs, there is “comfortability” as well.
(Isamu Noguchi, Sori Yanagi, Motomi Kawakami , Tadao Anod , Riki Watanabe) Many of architects and designers learn in both Japan and abroad. They always continue to create designs.

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